Client: NYNEX

Project: Smart Phone Communications Market Analysis

Description: Performed a market research study for NYNEX to determine the market requirements for personal communications devices (PDAs), now known as smart phones, and estimated the market value of these devices.

Client: SNET

Project: CLEC Competitive Vulnerability Study

Description: Performed a market research study and vulnerability analysis for a major telephone company to alternative access carriers. The vulnerability analysis included a hypothetical alternative carrier design and market penetration that demonstrated to the client its high level of vulnerability.

Client: Cincinnati Bell Telephone

Project: CLEC Market Analysis Preparation

Description: Performed an initial market assessment for CBT to become an alternative carrier in the second-tier city market. This analysis included estimating market sizing, market penetration, capex and opex, and revenue.

Client: Systems Unlimited

Project: VoIP Switch Software Evaluation

Description: As an expert, developed the arguments that VoIP switch software a major vendor claimed it had lost was technically and commercially viable and used several algorithms to estimate its value at between $500 million and $2 billion. Was deposed.