Major Projects:

Conceived, designed, and directed the implementation of the first competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) for Westinghouse.  The WESDIN network was the first all digital, fully synchronized network in the world, the first to switch 56 kbps between workstations and first structured cabling system.  It offered copper, microwave, fiber, and satellite transmission, and had a centralized network management system.  He also directed the preparation of the operational practices and procedures for the WESDIN system, the plan by which WESDIN became a profitable national carrier.

Conceived, designed, and implemented for the Massachusetts Port Authority the first multi-location distributed corporate information system.  The system networked all Massport information workers’ desktop systems and mainframe applications.

Conceived, developed the curriculum, recruited staff, and directed Northeastern University’s telecommunications and networking continuing education program.  This was the largest of its kind in the world. He also was the first to teach network management, network planning, and office information systems at an American university.


Dr. Brown  has successfully completed over 125 projects for more than 75 clients.  These clients have been IXC, LEC, and CLEC carriers and cable television companies; end users; and manufacturers; as well as law firms where he has worked as a technical and business expert.

As an expert he has been involved in patent, contract, tax, and antitrust matters.  He has reviewed and prepared reports for over 150 patents in numerous areas of networking and information technology for observability, ease of investigation, prior art, alternatives, technology life cycle, present commercial use, future commercial use, and strength of claims.  He has evaluated contracts, prepared reports for contract and tax disputes, computed damages, and developed surveys and directed the statistical analysis thereof to demonstrate antitrust activity.  He has prepared reports for the courts, been deposed, and testified.

He is a Professional Engineer, Life Senior Member of the IEEE, past Chair and current outreach chair of the IEEE Maine Section, Chair of the IEEE Maine Communications and Computer Chapter, member of the IEEE Region One Board of Governors and Region 1 Historian, and a member of the Board of Directors of MTUG — Maine Technology Users Group.  As pro bono work, he is active in STEM education development and First Robotics.