Client: Confidential Client

Project: Dialing Plan Patent Matter

Description: Evaluated three patents for alleged infringement. Prepared documentation regarding the definition of terms. Testified at a Markman Hearing in Federal Court. Prepared a pre-trial report for the court. The matter favorably settled for my client.

Client: Cantel

Project: IT Procurement and Reengineering

Description: Performed an in-depth audit and review of an internal multimillion dollar software development program for a new customer acquisition, care, and billing system for the executive management of CANTEL, the largest Canadian cellular carrier, and recommended its cancellation. Supported the CIO in the procurement of a new system, reengineering of IT processes, and the reorganization and redirection of the IT department.

Client: Confidential Client

Project: Cellular Telephone Tax Relevance Analysis & Value Estimation

Description: As an expert, developed technical arguments that cellular service is subject to a gross revenue tax and calculated the back tax owed by cellular carriers for two Missouri cities v several cellular carriers. Prepared reports for the court and was deposed. The cases settled before trial.