Client: NYNEX

Project: Smart Phone Communications Market Analysis

Description: Performed a market research study for NYNEX to determine the market requirements for personal communications devices (PDAs), now known as smart phones, and estimated the market value of these devices.

Client: SNET

Project: CLEC Competitive Vulnerability Study

Description: Performed a market research study and vulnerability analysis for a major telephone company to alternative access carriers. The vulnerability analysis included a hypothetical alternative carrier design and market penetration that demonstrated to the client its high level of vulnerability.

Client: Cincinnati Bell Telephone

Project: CLEC Market Analysis Preparation

Description: Performed an initial market assessment for CBT to become an alternative carrier in the second-tier city market. This analysis included estimating market sizing, market penetration, capex and opex, and revenue.

Client: Taunton (MA) Electric

Project: Taunton Electric CLEC Business Assessment

Description: Developed a business assessment for a Taunton (MA) Electric to enter the telecommunications business. The project included an assessment of FTTN, FTTC, and FTTH technologies as well as estimations of market share, revenue, operating cost, and profit

Client: Copper Development Association

Project: Premise Cabling Market Analysis and Definition

Description: Prepared a market research report on the future of premise distribution systems for the Copper Development Association. This report used an innovative total available market approach that redefined the scope of the market, identifying vast new markets segments.