Client: GTE Corp

Project: Shared Tenant Services Business Plan

Description: Was the senior technical member of GTE's team that prepared the business plan to enter the telecommunications shared tenant and intelligent building resale market. Worked with major real estate developers to formulate their requirements.

Client: Boston Edison Company

Project: Boston Edison Network Plan Development

Description: Prepared a five year telecommunications plan and implementation program to provide all voice, data, SCADA, office automation, and video communications for Boston Edison Company. The project evaluated the use of fiber and microwave networking between facilities. This project also was the foundation for Boston Edison's equity participation in a Boston area CLEC.

Client: Taunton (MA) Electric

Project: Taunton Electric CLEC Business Assessment

Description: Developed a business assessment for a Taunton (MA) Electric to enter the telecommunications business. The project included an assessment of FTTN, FTTC, and FTTH technologies as well as estimations of market share, revenue, operating cost, and profit

Client: Chicopee Electric Light Department

Project: Chicopee CLEC Business Plan Development

Description: Evaluated the interest of telecommunications partners for Chicopee (ELD) and recommended it proceed with developing telecommunications as a business with a partner. Solicited proposals from prospective partners, evaluated the responses and recommended a vendor to the municipal light department. Strategies included resale of services, partnering, and overbuilding using FTTN, FTTC, and FTTH.

Client: WinStar

Project: Internal CLEC Voice Networking System Procurement

Description: Directed the procurement of an integrated network of PBX telephone systems for WinStar, a start up CLEC for 50 sales offices. The solution included one number follow-me service for all staff. Developed an analysis that showed this to be less costly in hard dollars than traditional PBX and voice mail based approaches while providing superior customer service.

Client: Middleboro Gas and Electric

Project: Middleboro CATV Pole Attachment Agreement Analysis

Description: Evaluated pole attachment agreements between the Middleboro (MA) Gas and Electric department and the imbedded CATV provider. Recommended changes in these agreements to benefit the light department. Provided executive guidance for the renegotiation of a CATV service agreement and coordinated activities with the outside counsel.