Client: Commonwealth of Kentucky

Project: Commonwealth of Kentucky Network Engineering

Description: Developed an integrated voice-data network concept for the University of Kentucky System and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The network included both switching and transmission between state-wide locations. Received a letter of commendation for this work.

Client: Massachusetts Port Authority

Project: Massport Shared Tenant Services Business Plan Development

Description: Developed a business plan for Massport to provide shared tenant and intelligent building voice and data services to its tenants at Logan Airport and the State Transportation Building.

Client: Massachusetts Port Authority

Project: Massport Voice Network Systems Procurement and Implementation

Description: Directed the design, procurement and implementation of a new telephone systems for Massport at the State Transportation Building, Logan Airport, and the Tobin Bridge. These systems were integrated into a seamless digital network.

Client: County of Sacramento

Project: Network Contract Dispute Technical Documentation Preparation

Description: Directed the technical preparation necessary for a multimillion dollar legal claim for Sacramento County against a delinquent network vendor. This resulted in a favorable out-of-court settlement for the client.

Client: Internal Revenue Service

Project: IRS ACD Functional Requirements Preparation and Protest Response

Description: Directed the needs analysis for an ACD/voice processing system for a major Federal Government agency, prepared the technical foundation for the procurement, and assisted in the evaluation of the proposals. This was the largest ACD procurement of the 1990's. The proposal analysis included the technical foundation for rejecting a major protest by a bidder.