Client: Massachusetts Port Authority

Project: Massport Shared Tenant Services Business Plan Development

Description: Developed a business plan for Massport to provide shared tenant and intelligent building voice and data services to its tenants at Logan Airport and the State Transportation Building.

Client: US Department of the Treasury

Project: US Department of the Treasury Strategic Networking Plan Development

Description: Developed the voice-data-image strategic communications plan for the Department of the Treasury. This included a comprehensive technology review; a searchable baseline database of Treasury's facilities; and recommendations of services to be used, hardware architectures, and approaches to managing the systems. This report was the baseline for the upgrade of all Treasury networking facilities.

Client: WinStar

Project: Internal CLEC Voice Networking System Procurement

Description: Directed the procurement of an integrated network of PBX telephone systems for WinStar, a start up CLEC for 50 sales offices. The solution included one number follow-me service for all staff. Developed an analysis that showed this to be less costly in hard dollars than traditional PBX and voice mail based approaches while providing superior customer service.

Client: Fletcher Allen Health Care

Project: Tri-State Medical Network RFP Preparation

Description: Directed the preparation of an RFP for the procurement of a 500+ location, 5,000+ node multistate enterprise network including terminal equipment and desktop systems for Fletch Allen Health Care, FAHC. Services supported included a full range of teleconferencing and telemedicine. Transport technologies included SONET, ATM, frame relay, and ISDN.

Client: Bridgewater Savings Bank

Project: Bridgewater Savings Bank Networking Audit and Recommendations

Description: Reviewed the telecommunications plan of Bridgewater Savings Bank and recommended the enhanced use of voice processing systems to provide better customer service for automated attendant and voice mail.

Client: Confidential Client

Project: Call Center Intellectual Property Evaluation

Description: Reviewed 44 ACD and Call Center patents and developed a claims matrix relative to competitors' products.

Client: Confidential Client

Project: Call Center Intellectual Property Relevance Analysis

Description: Evaluated the call center patents of a major equipment vendor to determine their relevance to other technologies. This evaluation demonstrated the patents had relevance in telecommunications that was far beyond call centers. The vendor then pursued enforcing the patents in these new areas.