Client: WinStar

Project: Internal CLEC Voice Networking System Procurement

Description: Directed the procurement of an integrated network of PBX telephone systems for WinStar, a start up CLEC for 50 sales offices. The solution included one number follow-me service for all staff. Developed an analysis that showed this to be less costly in hard dollars than traditional PBX and voice mail based approaches while providing superior customer service.



Description: Chief Operating Officer of LOCATUM, a start up company that puts critical first response information online for ready access by safety services. Prepared the business plan and technical specifications of the system, oversaw its implementation, and oversaw the daily operations of the business. LOCATUM used networking and web technology to put building floor plans and other critical emergency information online for ready availability by emergency services.

Client: Confidential Client

Project: MPLS Patent Defense

Description: Developed the defense strategy for a start up telecommunications equipment manufacturer when it was sued for multiple patent infringements by a major equipment vendor. The technologies involved included data network routing and routing protocols including MPLS. The work resulted in a highly favorable out of court settlement.

Client: Confidential Client

Project: Call Center Product Development

Description: Provided an assessment of future call center applications and performance requirements to the executive management of a start up call center developer.