Client: Littleton ELD

Project: Littleton ELD CLEC Business Plan Evaluation and Implementation

Description: Evaluated previous telecommunications business development plans for the Littleton (MA) Electric Light Department; directed the procurement of partnering arrangements with vendors; evaluated vendors' responses; and negotiated contracts with them to develop telecommunications as a business area for the municipal light department.



Description: Chief Operating Officer of LOCATUM, a start up company that puts critical first response information online for ready access by safety services. Prepared the business plan and technical specifications of the system, oversaw its implementation, and oversaw the daily operations of the business. LOCATUM used networking and web technology to put building floor plans and other critical emergency information online for ready availability by emergency services.

Client: Cooperative Communications

Project: Cooperative Board of Directors

Description: Member of the Board of Directors of Cooperative Communications, a CLEC and interexchange carrier.

Client: Confidential Client

Project: Networking Contract Dispute Rebuttal Declaration Preparation

Description: Prepared a rebuttal declaration report in a contract dispute over the definition of the words network, private network, and intranet in a matter where residents of a community contended the developer did not provide the required intranet. The court accepted my definitions.